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Angebot 1: Belgien und Brüssel
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Some years ago, my friend Ralph showed me the "Virtual Walk" across Hamburg, which had been placed on the web by his friends Markus Venske and Matthias Arwe. Since then, I dreamt of doing the same for Schaerbeek or even Brussels. Now I have access to a digital camera for the first time, so I can start. I begin just at our place, and draw bigger and bigger circles around the place. These pages are best viewable with a screen resolution of 800x640.

There is, however, only a very short list of Schaerbeek's sights to see so far, but it will become longer:
Town Hall -
Beer museum - Scharabaeus Theatre - Servatius Church
and the following monuments: Emmanuel Hiel - Albert Verwee

NAVIGATION is quite easy: We walk from one point to another across Schaerbeek - forward ... ()
... and backwards: ()
I made 8 pictures per place. To see them all, we have to turn our eyes - to the right... ()
... or to the left ... ()
or we make a u-turn on the spot: ()
The small pictures left and right are small previews of what will come after turning to the respective direction. Instead of clicking on the feets you can click on the picture - makes no difference.  
If the feet are rose , there is nothing to see in this direction yet. ()
The "index" button brings you back here. ()

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